What is the secondary market?

The secondary market is BLEND’s marketplace for existing loans. This feature allows you to diversify by buying into current interest generating loans being resold by other BLEND lenders. Purchasing remains free as with primary market loans. This page lists the current secondary market loan opportunities.

The secondary market is a great way to buy into a loan that has already started and generated interest. Depending on the situation, they are resold at premium, par, or discount. When you buy into a loan on the secondary market, you are buying capital in that loan and you will receive repayments of capital and interest from the moment you have acquired the loan part.

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  • Weedon Road


    Interest rate

    9.00% p.a.



    Loan term left

    10 months (out of 18 months loan)

    premium: 6.2% of the remaining capital Initial repayment method: 12 months Roll Up (Interest accrued monthly and added to the capital) then 6 months Interest only then
    End of the offer: Dec 11 at 8:29 AM