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Investing in BLEND business loans can typically return 8-15% fixed interest p.a. for 9 months to 5 years.

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Seize business opportunities with fast and accessible funding from £150,000 to £5,000,000

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  • County down pic listing 4eaa937b

    County Down


    To finance the construction costs related to the development of 4 two bedroom flats in Bangor

    Loan Amount : £250,000.00
    100.00% funded
    Rate : 12.00% Term : 18 months
  • Lrlimavady sites3 f85ee694

    Efficient Utility - Loan 1


    To finance the acquisition of a development site in order to develop 8 houses in Limavady

    Loan Amount : £330,000.00
    100.00% funded
    Rate : 12.00% Term : 24 months
  • Crown house af7d140c

    Crown House - Loan 1


    To finance the acquisition and redevelopment of an office building in Norfolk into residential apartments

    Loan Amount : £300,000.00
    100.00% funded
    Rate : 10.00% Term : 24 months

P2P Lending with BLEND

Targeted Returns

The loans on BLEND are carefully selected to offer investors interest rates typically between 8-15% fixed p.a. Our platform charges no fees for lenders on the primary market.

Secured Loans

BLEND acts as security trustee and takes legal charge over the security on our platform. That means in the unlikely event that a borrower defaults on a loan, we can step in to help recover our lenders’ money.

Simple and straightforward

We believe BLEND is a painless way to find great investment opportunities that contribute to the growth of the UK economy. Our cutting-edge platform features a secure, lender-friendly interface that aims to make it easy for you to see exactly where you are at any given time, regardless of how simple or complex the loan is.



Join your peers and lend to great UK businesses.



Finance your business’s growth with BLEND.

User feedback

  • "BLEND is an absolute win-win. I lent some money to a business who pays me back with good interest on time. In turn, that business has now developed tremendously and turned over much more than they were expecting. Everybody wins!"

    RM (London)

  • “Peer-to-peer lending was a lifesaver for my business. Most banks won't lend to retail businesses even with collateral. Thanks to peer-to-peer's community of investors, we were able to finance our third site. Thank you!”

    DM (Bristol)

  • “We have been lending our hard-earned money to businesses for a number of years now. For us, other than their solid UK business loan line-up, BLEND really stands out in terms of simplicity and user experience. It’s our new go-to place for loans.”

    RG (London)